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Patient Success Story: From Shoulder Impingement to

July 25, 2023

We keep things simple. ⭐️Our goal is to identify the root cause of your pain, create a healing environment for the involved tissues and address mechanical faults that arise with certain exercises or movements.

Meet Morgan! She is an avid CrossFitter who just joined Lonestar CrossFit and has been experiencing pain in her right shoulder, especially with bench pressing and push-ups.

After a thorough evaluation, we found that Morgan was experiencing shoulder impingement due to a weak rotator cuff and periscapular muscles.

Here’s a sneak peek of her third session, we performed dry needling and manual therapy paired with therapeutic exercises for muscle activation, and tactile cueing during the bench press.

At the end of her session, Morgan was able to perform the bench press and push up with no pain.

Adittionally, we provided Morgan with a personalized programming to do on her own and continue to work on these movements on her own.

‼️Simple! No need for any lasers, gadgets, straps, Voodoo, or a machine to attach anything to her muscles because at the end of the day Morgan is not gonna have any of those devices at home or when she bench presses at CrossFit. ‼️

We provide all the education and tools that you can use on your own to manage your symptoms and prevent the pain from coming back.

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