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February 17, 2020

We love what we do, we care about others and our community. For this reason, we treat the whole body and listen to you to get to the root of your pain rather than treating just the injury in isolation. Our mission is to ensure you get back to doing what you love and to help you meet your goals, whether it is working out to stay healthy, training for a competition or being able to spend quality time with your loved ones. In our case it’s playing basketball and running to relieve stress. We know the feeling of not being able to stay active. We know the frustration of having to stop doing what you love because the pain is just terrible and even your sleep gets compromised. We have been there too, we trust the process, put the time and work, and said “bye bye” to pain. positive Action Rehab & Performance is cash based which means we do not accept insurance but this allows us to focus 100% on you. You get to see the doctor for the full hour, one-on-one, this leads to faster recovery, saving time and money.

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