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How to get rid of shoulder pain after surgery

August 24, 2023

This patient came to us after a rotator cuff repair that probably took a little too long to recover then it should have.

Our patient is a 60 year old lady who suffered a fall on her right shoulder more than a year ago. Over the time she had been ok for the most part until she was carrying something at the grocery store and caused her shoulder to give out. Then, she had increased pain in her right shoulder and neck discomfort. This prompted her to go an ortho and eventually get a full rotator cuff repair with a bicep reattachment in Nov of 2022.

Since then she went on to have physical therapy in an insurance based practice (a PT mill). She had very lackluster improvement and could barely lift her arm. In frustration, she went to one of those “stretch places.” Now don’t get me wrong, stretching is good, but there is a time and a place for it. On top of that, we need to accurately diagnose what is going on with a patient before we just start pulling on limbs in hope of them getting a good response… rant over. During the time at this place her other shoulder started hurting due to it being pulled on too hard. She even bruised along her lat. Not only that, but she was misguided on pricing packages and payment. This caused her much frustration.

On top of all that, she was still not better… surprise surprise…

She then went on to get a massage (as we all tend to do for pain relief). This is where she was told about Positive Action. She called and booked an appointment.

She came in for the free evaluation and we took the time to educate her and presented a plan of action to get her pain free. She’s been through so much by the time she came to us, so she said “I will think about it” and left.


She went home. While reading the above book, she came across the two paragraphs (above) circled. The one that stood out to her the most was “Positive Action is the key that unlocks your future desire.”

See, our patient has been through the ringer, she had spent a lot of money, time and effort so it was only normal for her not to trust us initially (this happens often).

But she received a sign. Whether you’re a person that believes in this kind of shit or not. It’s kind of cool.

She came back. We started rehab in May of this year. It is now August and she feels 95% improvement. She is no longer scared of putting bags up in the bin when traveling. She can reach over and grab the toilet paper at the grocery store without thinking about it. She thought she would never get here again.

Things like this make our day. We strive to make a difference in every way possible. Don’t wait for a sign to get in here. Don’t wait too long. We can be the key that unlocks your future self. Take the leap. Come in for the free evaluation you have been holding off because you think we are too expensive. All good things usually are.

If you or someone you know is in a similar position… we should talk.

We offer a free evaluation to anyone that comes in the door because we believe in the product we provide. If after the free evaluation you are not sold, you can walk away at no cost to you.

You will talk to an actual person on the phone to get a better idea of what is going on and figure out how to best help you. We know we can help you with your pain and discomfort. Be like our patient and make some serious progress in your health and lifestyle.

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