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4 Common Golf Injuries

July 21, 2023

This are the 4 common golf injuries we see on this athletes: Golfers’s Elbow, Low Back Strain, Abdominal/Oblique Strain, Rotator Cuff Strain

Let’s Get the obvious one out of the way…

#1 Golfers Elbow

In a golf swing, the wrist has to go through full range of motion in regards to flexion and extension. If you do this in a repetitive manner i.e hitting a large bucket of balls on the range or playing a round of golf you can potentially cause straining of the wrist flexors. A lot of times this is due to poor range of motion or compensation somewhere in the swing.

#2 Low Back Strain

Low back pain is very common in golfers and a lot of time is due to dysfunction and poor movements in either the hips, mid back, or shoulders. The body is very good at compensating for lack of movement or strength, and if you lack movement in any of the aforementioned areas, then the low back is likely working harder and moving more than it needs to.

#3 Abdominal/ Oblique Strain

Pain in the sides over the ribs is oftentimes a muscle strain caused by poor sequencing in the golf swing. If you look at pro golfers you will notice that there are many slight differences their golf swings. But a closer look at each swing shows that the sequencing remains the same. If your pelvis is not rotating well, the muscles of the trunk will forcibly pull you into your golf swing and eventually cause pain.

#4 Rotator Cuff Strain

Golf is a rotational sport. You are rotating at the legs, torso, shoulders, and forearms. Because of the rotator cuffs action of stabilizing the shoulder and rotating it during movement, repetitive movements such as a golf swing during a round of 18 holes can cause pain and injury in the shoulders. This is usually a mobility vs strength problem and knowing the difference is important when it comes to treatment.

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