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Blood Flow Restriction in San Antonio

Blood Flow Restriction in San Antonio

Exercise, though crucial, can be further enhanced with the inclusion of personalized blood flow restriction therapy. This innovative approach allows for heightened efficacy with the same level of effort, yielding more profound outcomes from your dedicated regimen. Additionally, it aids in restoring symmetry between your muscle groups post-injury or surgery, ensuring a balanced and harmonious recovery.

Fast Recovery with Personalized Blood Flow Restriction in San Antonio

Often, individuals find exercise alone insufficient in achieving their desired physical restoration, leading to persistent feelings of dissatisfaction and reluctance. Personalized blood flow restriction therapy accelerates the recovery process after injuries, surgeries, or medical procedures, enabling individuals to reclaim their desired lifestyle. Embracing this natural technique fosters a holistic path to reclaiming one’s optimal physical state.

Understanding Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Therapy in San Antonio

Employing a device akin to a blood pressure monitor, personalized blood flow restriction therapy regulates blood flow to specific muscle areas during exercise. This strategic manipulation tricks the muscles into perceiving an intense workout while minimizing strain on the surgical or injured site. Consequently, individuals can exert effort equivalent to 85-90% while effectively only engaging 20-35% of their muscle capacity, fostering an accelerated yet controlled recovery.

Effective Application and Training Techniques

Precision is paramount in regulating blood flow to ensure the desired positive outcomes. Determining the appropriate pressure considers various factors such as limb size, density, blood pressure, tourniquet location, and width. Under the guidance of your healthcare provider, you’ll receive a specialized tourniquet system along with thorough instructions to ensure optimal and safe application. Additionally, adherence to recommended exercise sets and repetitions is vital to maximizing the therapeutic benefits.

Maximizing the Benefits

Beyond the workout, personalized blood flow restriction therapy stimulates growth hormone release, enhances muscle protein production, and boosts muscle hypertrophy. While common side effects such as temporary swelling, muscle fatigue, and mild soreness may occur, they typically subside within 24 hours. Should you experience prolonged discomfort, it’s essential to consult your healthcare provider for further guidance and support.

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William Vallee

Positive Action is the best rehab and performance center I’ve ever been to.  I had suffered with debilitating hamstring and shoulder issues for years until I saw Edwin, who, after 8 sessions had me feeling pain free and moving well again.  After working with Edwin I was also lucky enough to follow up my treatment and work with Emma on strength training and movement.  She perfected my deadlift, strengthened my core and was able to address many of the flaws in my working out that had landed me in PT in the first place.  She was the perfect coach as she understood my personal goals and was able to curate a plan to get me right where I needed to be in a comfortable and encouraging way.  I can’t recommend this team more; they are simply the greatest.

Mary Ford

Jesse (and the whole Positive Action team!) are fabulous. I have had a multitude of chronic, nagging injuries and pain over the last several years. I came to Jesse specifically with hip and shoulder pain, and he developed a rehab plan for me that worked wonders. Over the time that I’ve worked with them (almost 2 years!), I’ve developed other aches/pains/injuries and Jesse has worked through all of them. Most importantly, he has educated me on what exercises and movements I can do on my own to help treat and alleviate pain. They regularly work with athletes of all abilities to help you stay moving! Would highly recommend Positive Action rehab to anyone.